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Welcome to Wilson Island
Great Barrier Reef Private Island Resort

A private place in the Great Barrier Reef, untainted, untouched and understated with luxurious safari style tent accommodation, only six on the entire island, enough for a group of just twelve guests only*.

Wilson Island is a pure island experience; a place to find your real self, for getting your feet back on the ground. For being shipwrecked in style.

A private island, shared with 11 of your nearest and dearest, your own Chef and Bartender, and some of the world’s most elusive creatures.

You’ll be distracted, there’s no doubt – not by modern day gadgets or stresses, but by the sheer incredulous beauty of the Great Barrier Reef nature itself; by the lanky legs of leafy pandanus trees arching like little rocket stands into lush soil, by the illusive but charming mutton birds nesting at peace just off the pathway, and if you’re there at the right time, by the tiny green turtles fresh from their eggs dashing down to the water to start life anew.

The water surrounding our beautiful Great Barrier Reef resort is home to some of the world’s most spectacular coral –mushrooming coral formations of all colours, iridescent blues, brilliant oranges, amazing yellows and unbearably pink pinks.

After it all, when the sun is sinking big and red into the far horizon, our passion for food and service will see you dining on fresh seafood, local fruits and fine wines in The Longhouse – a communal dining room, with sand underfoot.

Yes, Wilson Island on the Great Barrier Reef is the only place to be shipwrecked – down to earth and natural and yet stylish and supremely comfortable.

In 2011 Wilson Island was recommended by Condé Nast Traveller as one of the ten best island resorts on the Great Barrier Reef.

Please note, Wilson Island is currently closed. Contact us on 1800 875 343 (within Australia) or 1(855) 251 8261 (outside Australia) to enquire about future availability for your escape to Wilson Island!