Have a question regarding a visit to Wilson Island? Feel free to check the frequently asked questions below – you might find exactly what you’re after.

Q. How do I get to Wilson Island?
A. Wilson island is accessed via Heron Island. You must take a helicopter or boat transfer to Heron Island followed by a 40 minute boat ride to Wilson Island.
Q. What are the connections to Wilson Island via Heron Island?
A. From Gladstone, the 11:00am boat transfer and 11:15am helicopter transfer meets the 3:00pm sea connection to Wilson Island.

Coming back, the 11:00am sea connection from Wilson Island will meet with 2:00pm boat transfer and either the 12:45pm or 3:30pm helicopter transfers.

Q. Do I have to eat with the other guests on the island in the Long Room or can I have a private dinner on the beach?
A. Private dining is available on request and is subject to availability and weather conditions.
Q. Is it safe to swim during stinger season?
A. Yes - Stingers feed and live in the shallows along the mainland coast.  We generally do not have stingers or jellyfish problems on Wilson Island.
Q. What is the water temperature?
A. Approximately between 21-29 degrees Celsius.
Q. Do you hire snorkeling gear from Wilson Island?
A. Complimentary snorkeling gear is available from Heron Island.
Q. If I book the Island exclusively and I am the only one that has been there before, do I receive a past guest discount on the whole exclusive booking?
A. Yes.
Q. Why do I need to give credit card details at the time of my reservation?
A. A valid credit card is required to guarantee your reservation, however no charges are processed at time of booking until check out. No credit card surcharge applies.
Q. Are children aged 13 and above allowed to have their own tents?
A. Yes, however children must be supervised at all times.
Q. Can we have three (3) people in one tent?
A. A maximum of two people per tent applies.