The waters around Wilson Island are teeming with reef fish, turtles, manta rays, reef sharks and an endless variety of marine invertebrates. Around 60% of the 1,500 species of fish and around 72% of the coral species found on the Great Barrier Reef call the waters around Wilson Island home which makes it the perfect snorkel destination. Enjoy shallow reefs that sit below about two metres of water in many locations.


Nearby Heron Island offers diving excursions to more than 20 excellent Great Barrier Reef dive sites, coral gardens and pinnacles.

Heron Island caters to all levels of marine enthusiasts from the novice snorkeller to experienced divers. The waters around the island are relatively shallow with an average depth of between 10 and 25 metres.

Wildlife Watching

Throughout the year sea turtles will share the waters with you and can be seen whilst snorkeling or diving. From October to March each year a breeding population migrates to this region to mate and nest and turtle hatchlings can be seen making their way to the sea.

From June to October is whale migration season. Humpback whales are often seen breaching nearby the island.

On Wilson Island, black noddy terns nest in the island’s pisonia trees surrounding the luxury tents. And at night time the shearwater birds dominate with their mating calls. They travel around the world each year but assiduously return to the same place to lay their eggs.

The Food Experience

Dining on Wilson Island is one of the highlights of any stay. Our menus have a distinctive Australian feel, with a commitment to freshness, simplicity and variety. All food is cooked by our chef in the open kitchen in The Longhouse using gas fired grills and you will enjoy a varied menu that changes daily.

Be Shipwrecked In Style

Enjoy the Ultimate Robinson Crusoe experience! Without television, mobile phone reception and electricity, Wilson Island will let you escape from everyone and everything. Relax in a hammock, watch beautiful tropical island sunsets or help yourself to our library of educational books, novels, magazines and CDs.