Wilson Island Dining

Dining on Wilson Island is one of the highlights of any stay. Our menus have a distinctive Australian feel, with a commitment to freshness, simplicity and variety. All food is cooked by our chef in the open kitchen in The Longhouse using gas fired grills and you will enjoy a varied menu that changes daily.

Breakfast is a tropical buffet, with hot breakfasts cooked to order. Lunch is a delicious smorgasbord in the Wilson Island Longhouse, or for a really special experience try a picnic on the beach of our Great Barrier Reef island. Each evening begins with guests enjoying sunset drinks and canapés. Returning to Longhouse you’ll find the table set for a dinner party style gathering of friends, with light music playing, candles lit, and the Island hosts making final preparations for the evening’s dinner.

Of course Vegetarian options can be catered with a little advanced notice. For any other dietary requirements simply discuss your requirements at the time of booking.

Premium Australian wine, Australian sparkling, full strength and light beer, spirits, soft drinks, juices and bottled water are available on Wilson Island, Great Barrier Reef resort. A Cellar Masters list is also available.

Sample Menu


  • Avocado and Prawn Salsa: half avocado panned, salsa of capsicum, Spanish onion, tomato, cucumber, coriander, chilli, mint and parsley topped with Tiger Prawn tails. Accompanied by sauce of balsamic olive oil.
  • Dessert: Tropicana Cocktail. Diced Queensland pineapple, tossed with shredded coconut, a drizzle of Cointreau, fresh mango cheek, sprinkled blueberries and a spoon of raspberry sorbet.


  • Entrée: Chicken breast grilled with African spice upon a bed Julienne vegetables and roast eggplant.
  • Main: Blackened tuna steak served medium-rare with crispy squashed Kifler potato, steamed asparagus, Wakami seaweed and Dill mayo.
  • Dessert: Vanilla bean panna cotta with Frangelica and Baileys reduction.